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Energy, a world-wide challenge

Unlike past decades, the future holds a clear change in priorities for all energy consumption related questions, driven by increasing pressure from climate change and gradual depletion in low cost fossil fuel reserves depletion.

Industrial insulation

We are all used, in Europe, in thermal efficiency characterisation of our homes as a function of yearly thermal losses

However, such a ranking has not yet been put in place for industrial processes besides much higher thermal losses due to higher operating temperatures and, in some cases, elements or parts of process completely uninsulated. Such reflexion is also common to non-industrial sites hosting thermal processes (such as heat or cold generation for buildings).

There is, on your site, hidden saving potentials that only wait to be revealed.

This potential allows to consider not only energy savings, but also a decrease of production variable costs, but this should be obtained with reasonable payback time. Industrial insulation of part or all of the process is a large operation for maintenance department, and the cost should not exceed too much the production cost savings. From the experience acquired during 10 years of audits by EiiF certified engineers, this payback time is varying from 2 to 3 years, but can be as low as a few months in the case of totally uninsulated process elements. Such order of magnitude for payback allows to justify insulation projects even in the companies with stringent financial rules.

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Already ISO50001-certified?

WELYA offers energetic audits that can be part of the ISO50001 strategy, highlighting and quantifying actions that can be part of the energy consumption action plan (identification, quantification of existing energy leaks, as well as verification of performance after the insulation actions are conducted).

Not ISO50001-certified yet?

WELYA offers to make TIPCHECK® audits to unveil this energy savings and production cost reduction potential, along with a motivating payback time.

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